Saturday, 22 November 2014

Researchers are developing a new tool to "Twitter" reveal false news

 A team of security researchers in the Faculty "Wellesley" from the Department of Computer Science, developed a new tool that can detect and monitor the rumors that are frequently spread in the platform micro-blogging "Twitter", as "Twitter" platform has become a valuable source of most of the media information in our time.
The researchers released the name of "Trials - Trails" on the tool that you turn on the monitor news and common information that spread through tweets, and this is what allows bloggers to make sure and check Tweet source that have been published, and take them or leave them.
It also provides users gauge the proportion of Visions of the news that has been published in the form of levels are as follows: - widely
The researchers noted the College "Wellesley" through their experience of this tool that there is a success rate of this tool for some of the initial data, where they found that the rumors of others honest does not have a large spread, unlike the news sincere, and that most of these rumors have been monitored on a platform micro-blogging "Twitter "where the very low levels of proliferation showed.
The researchers explained about the modus operandi of the tool and their interaction on the Web, as you gather information and counted and checked in terms of origin:
The publication of the news first?
When and how the emergence of the news?
Do what the news is still prevalent during the time to make sure his health?
The return of Twitter news?
Is there any news related to the same news spread?
Who are the main actors reacting to the news?
On this basis, be sure and check the authenticity of the news, which make it easier for the user to know the health of the news and collect all the necessary to reach the owner of news published data.

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