Monday, 24 November 2014

Release added "WeVideo" Editor maker videos on Google "Chrome"

Characterize your style of your video using dozens of creative themes and professionalism, do take into account the creative consistency in all your videos through the application of "WeVideo".
Where the application supports eight 8 languages, namely: (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Arabic)
The application provides three modes for editing - suitable for beginners and veterans alike: Storyboard, chronology, Advanced Style
Contact: Facebook, Anstagram, Flickr, Google Drive, Box paths, so that you can easily use the photos, videos, music and files
Graphics that have been filed,
Drag and drop media files in any order was to assemble your story
Cut video clips to focus on the important moments
And that this application allows users to divide the long sections to shorter clips and rearranged
The user can also write scripts for titles and sections written in any language (note that most of the languages supported, including: Mandarin, Spanish, English, Arabic, Portuguese ...)
Add text, effects, music, and switch modes, and much more
Record conversations and videos directly
Be creative, thanks to more than 100 sound effects and sections free of fees

The application provides:
Videos publishing quality 480 pixels (limited clarity) free of charge, with the water mark Wei Video
Videos publishing quality 720 pixels (high-definition) at a price of US $ 0.99, or videos quality 1080p (high-definition) at a price of US $ 1.99

It also contains "Wevideo" additional feature: where the "Wii Video" to add a sub-folder named H to Google Drive main folder. This sub-folder contains projects and videos Wii video that having produced the names.

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