Thursday, 20 November 2014

Planning reason "Facebook" to rival platform "LinkedIn"

Network "Facebook" social work on a new project, as set by the titled "Facebook at work" Facebook at Work, as the project, which would submit "Facebook" allows users to keep all your personal files.
According to the newspaper "Financial Times" that "Facebook at work" will come down to the arena of competition and other professional platforms such as LinkedIn and others.
The newspaper "Financial Times" reported that the Employees of the social network "Facebook" have used the new platform in their daily work, where she is working on the test today its new platform than many other companies.
This and that "Facebook at work" will enable users to make instant messaging between friends work, and keep in touch prevent each other.
The reason why the "Facebook" on the progress of this step is that it has a monthly active users from around 1.3 billion users, where they thought the new investment idea and take advantage of the number of users to add to the financial balance of additional profits in the future.

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