Friday, 14 November 2014

"Microsoft" launches tool to manage your email messages, and you can train you.

A majority of users are not who cares mail messages received by him via e-mail to "Hotmail" of the company "Microsoft" platform, and then if the user opens the e-mail Atfaji the presence of more than 400 a Ward or more, and if he wants to review incoming mail is not an option but to put pressure on "Clear - delete" feature to escape from reading the messages that will be felt in front of a deficit plentiful, do not know any mail is important and which is of no use to him.
In order to facilitate this, "Microsoft" has announced its new and its tool, which was launched by the name "Kltr" Clutter "where the work of this tool lies in the user's inbox management. That is, they are sort incoming messages and automatically classified according to the importance of incoming mail to the user.
"Microsoft," said that this tool will be disabled by default, and if the user wants to activate it can through Outlook Web-based App During the activation of this tool by the user will be shown a folder with the name "Clutter" automatically and will the tool work to mail non-important contained filter or, according to its importance.
This added "Microsoft" that the tool this feature property which is trained to work through the user, ie, that "Clutter" tool adapted to the nature of the disposal of the user with the e-mail contained him, and training tool is user-tagging of e-mail messages or fully copied to Special instrument folder

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