Sunday, 16 November 2014

Microsoft issued a security grafts to close a loophole in the existing Windows system 19 years ago

Microsoft Corp. has recently issued a new security system for tinkering Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 basically comes to close the loophole was found in the Windows systems many years ago, 19 years ago to be exact. This gap was apparently began to appear with the Windows 95 system that was released for more than 19 years, has been the discovery of this vulnerability by Robert Freeman, a researcher at IBM, which alerted Microsoft to this gap in the month of May of this year .

Microsoft Corp. has reached to prove the existence of this vulnerability in Windows systems since May of this year, and decided Microsoft Corp. today issued the security patching to put an end to this gap. It is said that this gap can be exploited remotely through the browser Internet Explorer, has also been said that this complex vulnerability rare Unicon such a loophole that has been discovered in the code that depends on the browser Internet Explorer.

This gap affect what appears on all current versions of Windows that Microsoft Corp. backed still, as well as older versions of Windows system, which was released after 95 Windows system anyway, you can find out more information about this vulnerability on the official website of Microsoft Corp. Proceeding from the source link below, and so far there is no evidence that he was exploiting this loophole for possible penetration operations.

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