Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Learn the secrets and benefits Camcorder "Galaxy Note 4," which is not defined

With frequent outbreaks of taking pictures, "Sylvie" has become a serious matter when some manufacturers smart and a private company, "Samsung" phones, where it has a head start in this case.
Where she worked on the development of a group of prominent features on the smart phone "Samsung Galaxy Note 4" Galaxy Note, and this is in line with the requirements of the user beau to pick the most beautiful pictures, including "Sylvie".
One of these amendments and improvements were made to improve the company's cameras to the device "Galaxy Note 4 accuracy", which became a 16-megapixel accuracy to be able to display an image resolution up to 5312 × 2988 pixels, and the ability to record video clips accurately UHD. This is unlike the previous Ready "Galaxy Note 3," which was precisely 13 megapixel camera.
As for the image stabilizer to improve the possibility of a sudden when the vibration was supported by "Samsung" OIS optical Bmthbt. This is the first property and feature a new character to be a Samsung "Galaxy Note 4".
Hand aperture lens cameras, the "Samsung" has worked to provide them with the advantage of size aperture F1.9 and this improves the image capture at a resolution of up to approximately 60%., And the resistance to the conditions of low and poor lighting.
The advantage of the new and the other had were not forgotten, "Samsung", namely the rapid automatic focus and dubbed "Fast AF and is competent to establish the elements of the picture very quickly.
And access by the front-end of the mobile phone "Galaxy Note 4" Samsung has supported Secondary Camera reaching accuracy to 3.7 megapixels, where the degree of clarity up to 1440 pixels. This is instead of the 2-megapixel in the earlier version, a "Galaxy Note 3".
In addition to what already has been improved image capture angle, reaching 90 degrees in the normal situation where it was in the previous 77 degrees. This is what it Satvid lovers Photos "Sylvie" as it allows them captures the best and most beautiful personal photos.
Not only this., But "Samsung" also added a new feature on a mobile phone of the associated HRM Sensor in the back of the phone, which improves image capture an inverse manner.

Company "Samsung" has also worked on improving Beauty Face feature already in the phone "Galaxy S 5" where Edited by empowering them to highlight the face with background noise, or so-called "Fox" Focus with facial treatment and the degree of contrast.
Company "Samsung" also attached great new feature in the name of "dual cameras" or where Dual Camera allows the user to take a picture using the front and rear cameras together to be a pretty picture and a different character.
She also worked on adding "download" Download property or to download the different modes of the camera as the user wishes.

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