Monday, 3 November 2014

Japanese company offers screen can be folded 100,000 times.

Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Corporation of Japan has announced its participation to events during the trade show, which was under the name of "innovation displays 2014" Display Innovation, where the company announced its intention to launch a flexible, folding screen, which will measure 8.7 inches.
The screen has been manufactured technology "super Amold", as it was the first experience, which was presented during the trade show events by its manufacturer. While the Innovators display screen capabilities and baptized on the folded three times.
It is noteworthy that the flexible screen displays high-resolution 1,080 x 1,920 pixel per inch density of about 254 pixels.
Manufacturer has reported to the flexible screen that there are different sizes of them, where the smaller display screen measuring 5.9 inch comes with a display resolution of relatively less than its predecessor, where up to 720 pixels display resolution and the touch technology available unlike its predecessor.
According to the Japanese company said during the exhibition "Innovation 2014 displays" screen that can be folded around 100,000 times.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. of Japan did not explain about the date of the launch of these screens or commercial product specifications holds her at the moment.

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