Friday, 7 November 2014

How to protect Chimera and microphone in android phones that are infiltrated by spyware without your knowledge

Android phones and unlike Apple's phones, they are more vulnerable to penetration and spyware, hackers can open Chimera without your attention or spyware chats on the phone to activate the microphone ... etc. Therefore, smart phones as well as to Atkhaloa of security threats. For it in this post that I loved you the oldest application alerts you in case of using Kemira phone or microphone without your knowledge. Where the application will be launched in the launch of an audio alarm that alerts you to Kemira phone or microphone is turned on.

The application name is D-Vasive a developer by john mcafee, where enough after charged for the application from the link below the entry and Taatbethh, will initiate the application of D-Vasive in control microphone phone as well as the Chimera; in addition to that will monitor Aloyfa and Alblothot in case find them without your permission.

Modus operandi is simple application as it does not need you any settings when Altaatbeth, Favors Tthbyt application prescribed in phone surveillance, and that if they wish to stop monitoring one of the properties in your phone, just click on its icon will appear in front of you several options, select them at your convenience.

D-Vasive application is available in two versions one free and the other paid, but on the whole, the free version of the program is sufficient to keep you from evil spy on Chimera and microphone.

Download: D-Vasive

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