Monday, 3 November 2014

How to download a small part of any video clip on YouTube.

Many users while watching the videos, both on the "YouTube" Youtube or on the platform, "Fimo" Vimeo they want to download some passages like this, Therefore, drawing on specific programs by downloaded on their computer and personal video cutting and so on.
Apart from all this complexity, and without that we download or download programs on the computer, but we'll cut the video from YouTube directly using the site "clipconverter" which allows you to chipping and even download the full video options according to what the user wants to do.
So we will experience how a simple action that began the first step:
After that we will open the site clipconverter us Home Page as shown in the picture
Then Nlsq link you've copied from YouTube "Youtube", and then put pressure on the continuation or "Continue as shown in the picture below:

After pasting the copied link process will notice the bottom of the tape multiple extensions to save the video clip Vnkhtar Stretch type that we want and not MP4 For example:

After completing this process, the bottom bar will show you the extensions of these options option as shown in the picture below you will notice that the Start Video or "the beginning of the video" phrase marked with "true," we will Bazelh brand so that we can mark the beginning of time, we want him to video starts:

This image after removing the sign "true" does not also forget that the guest mark the end of the video or End Video job by selecting the first minutes of seconds to the beginning or end of the video:

After that we have identified the beginning and end of the time that we want to put pressure on the option "Start" or Start as you see in the picture below:

After this process shows us this window, JPY is expecting pending or completed download video processing, as shown in the picture:
After this step Turning to the last step, and in which we choose where to save the video in any folder on the computer we want through Aldaft on "download" or Download option as it exists in the image below:

So we got on and we finished the section that we want within a very short time, and we apply the same process if we want to download the video in full, but without that we change the time of the beginning or end of the video.

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