Sunday, 9 November 2014

How to become a professional programmer

To become a professional, in any field, it can not be achieved only in the midst of the availability of several conditions, and Kalmbermjh To be proficient in the language or some languages, it requires that many of the conditions are met, the subject of today's episode I wanted to answer a question which has long been repeated in live broadcast which is how I can become a professional programmer? .
Love programming
Of the basic and necessary conditions to a programmer professional is becoming a love programming, like any other field of Love and tendencies which creates you a professional person is, for this it is before everything must have tendencies to study programming languages in order to actually be able to continue to study and be able to them, but it must be before Tstirk targets behind the study of programming and not vice versa, because if you only want to study programming, because the job market requires some programming languages Vsedkna will never Thtervha!

Of the basic factors that make you a professional programmer is the time! Flaimkn to become a professional in the programming language specific only in 3 or 6 months. For example, in order to begin first steps in professionalism C language must Ttjoaz two years of study and deal with this language, not in months or 4 months or even a year so that you can repeat that launches yourself a professional title in programming as do some of the Brotherhood, where he will find in his autobiography that he trust the 10 programming languages in the two years of the study, in fact Aathagn is not one of them, for the professionalism he have the time and a long time too.

The algorithm Algorithm:
Things that should interest you in your career seminars for programming languages are Alegareetm and Data structures because it is necessary in order to become capable of solving the problems the code, also enables you to algorithm Algorithm must be through understanding, not conservation, because conservation does not make you professional programmer , Valmbermj professional who understands is not preserved, for this I advise you to some books that will help you inevitably to the wish of your abilities in a Allegareetmk: Introduction to Algorithm The Art of Programming Data Structures in C and C ++.

Participation in software competitions:

The theoretical side is not everything as that those software problems that we find in the books to learn programming is not the Bafilal software problems that exist in the field, this participation in competitions software helps you to cope with the solution to the problems of software is more complex, of course, in a competitive atmosphere between you and the members of the various states, some of this I advise you to sites such as francophone and, for English speakers

Participate in the development of some free software and source codes analysis
As is the case for participation in the competitions to participate in the development of some of the free programs that already helps you to improve your abilities and software as well as improve the way code writing software, as well as to learn more from the source code and source code written way

These are some tips for beginners already I wish I could be of great benefit, as you can ask any question the subject in the comments, I would be happy to answer it, I see you!

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