Monday, 10 November 2014

"Google": Warning messages about the "Gmail" Gmail

The company "Google" recently conducted a study, which was under the title of "fraudulent phishing messages" or Phishing Emails, referring to the spread of this kind of messages around the world is still ahead and that the proportion of victims who fall by the monument and fraud practiced by pirates who have achieved great success somewhat hitting percentage through a study conducted by "Google" up nearly 45%, although these methods are considered old and traditional.
Company "Google" has stated that there are a number of users by 14% from the 45% who interact with these messages with the full introduction of sensitive personal data as the number of the bank account, and so on.
And it is known that the phishing messages sent by hackers information network aimed at detecting users' data through the attached links in the messages that the user up to the victim as coming from a safe and legal source.
Company "Google" has made it clear through the research study conducted by the World Wide Web pirates is their work to change the user account information and is working to change the user's password in the shortest possible time and duration of about half an hour, and this is happening while the user pressure on the attached link in message.
As security experts directs users to their advice not to respond to this kind of messages, and ignore them directly.
And accordingly, the company "Google" is working on the development of the protection of reception "inbox" messages via the postal service "Gmail" as it is accompanied by a warning from the invalidity of this message is clear colors at the top of the message.

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