Monday, 10 November 2014

Emirate "Dubai" used glasses "Google" in dentistry in conjunction with the "Liberty" British

Both of my organization "Liberty" tooth for a medical institution in Dubai and the "Oxford" Consulting in the UK to work on the technical development of a comprehensive system to serve and help doctors in diagnosing and detecting diseases.
And a statement on this integrated model and built according to the latest technology in the world, where he is involved with four sophisticated and modern techniques, most notably:
1. "Google glasses"
Where the entire agreement between the doctors to add to Blaster glasses "Google" in order to help the user have a doctor's magnification giving him a better view and a wider-related injuries in dentistry.
2. "Skyview 3D":
With this technique, which gives a three-dimensional face and jaw bones image, making it easier for doctors to know where the damage in the bone, not only this but also help the doctor to choose the best places for planting and the provision of an integrated treatment plan with an easy and clear vision without the risks or concerns.
3. "De wealthy graying" 3D shape
The more the suffering of doctor is he taking Format for dental patient where a simple mistake can constitute them a problem, and with this addition to the glasses certified by doctors, "the wealthy de graying" Technology will provide the doctor took the teeth measurements clearly very accurate Zkiesat, which provides time and effort together.
4- Face Hunter
It provides for the doctor to see the three-dimensional face of the entire patient, and come help and complementary technique which has been accepted, to provide integrated medical technician system.
This model of glasses contributes to the establishment of an international communication network between physicians to share and Aalajha pathological cases.

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