Thursday, 6 November 2014

Different ways to run the alwatts app on your computer and chat with your friends

 through all these days has heard or knows well the application alwatts and what not and is the most popular application in instant messaging service ever and this is partly due to the fact that alwatts father, works on a variety of mobile operating systems. But until now there is no official way to run this application on a computer, but fortunately there are always solutions you can use now to run this application on your computer and chat directly with your friends through this post I suggest you dear reader, three different ways to run the alwatts app on your own.
The first way: Use application WhatsRemote system

Of course, as I said previously there is no formal application for Watts in August on Windows but fortunately there is an easy way to use this application on your computer through your browser with very little work and without having to use a different telephone number. This method Tstendaly use WhatsRemote who works as a client that connects to a remote device as if it were a "server."

The application is very simple to use: First, you'll need to install it on your Android device (download link) and register the mail you used on your phone and give him permission to start work.

To open talks on the browser you only need to access this link in a browser on your computer and you register which counts Google, which recorded previously by the Hatvk.hma works in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and any other browser. WhatsRemote only will use the e-mail address you have access to a database August Alwats application is installed on your phone.

You can also enable with alerts and notifications broadcast on the desktop, where the site will display a small window indicating that you have received a letter from a friend on Alwats August. There are three voices of notifications available to choose from. Of course, the message may come directly or with only a slight delay between the two or three seconds quickly.

WhatsRemote not free, and offers three days of the trial period, once you start using it, and after that time you will have to pay. Fortunately, the price is very low service about $ 1.3 for a period of six months.

Positives this way:
- Ease of Use;
- Access to all your interlocutor;
- No need to use a second phone number;

- The application needs to work Root for your phone;
- Free time is very short only 3 days (and can pay $ 1.3 to take advantage of the application for six months)
- You need to run Alwats August in the background on your phone and this is the last contact with the Internet;
- You may not know whether the person you are speaking with is offline or another connected to him;

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