Friday, 14 November 2014

Company "Google" launches a new application of the conversation released by the name Messenger

Company "Google" has launched a new messaging application called "Messenger" Messenger and is now available to the operating system "Android" it's only today.
She said, "Google" on a page in the application, "Google Play" store "The Messenger" to communicate application helps users to send and receive SMS and MMS messages to any phone. It also allows users to send mass text messages, and images, and videos, and even voice messages to their contacts.
This allows "Messenger" application of the new selection or take pictures and video clips from the application directly and easily share, also allows users to search through the contact points of the talks and to find the exact person.
The advantage of the application that supports the new design language Material Design announced by the company "Google" some time ago.
And provides a "messenger" for users of the operating system "Android" the possibility of blocking incoming messages from irksome, also supports emoticons, and colored text, and archive messages.
Users can version 4.1 "Jelly bean" and above of the operating system "Android" download the new application from the "Google Play" store.

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