Sunday, 16 November 2014

Application - WeVideo - Editor maker videos.

Eight application supports 8 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Arabic)
It also has three modes for editing suit beginners and veterans alike: Storyboard, chronology, Advanced Style
The application provides through its platform for ease of use, allowing the user to drag and drop media files in any order was to assemble the story,
This has worked to provide developers writing scripts for property titles and passages written in any language (note that most of the supported languages, including: Mandarin, Spanish, English, Arabic, Portuguese ...)

For a wonderful Fido section you can add some audio effects and clerical and conditions of the switch, and so Alkther.kma that the application has provided a very large number of influences that help the user to create his own video clip where the number of effects amounted to more than a hundred free 100 influential addition to a group of Aloab free.

The application is characterized by high speed optical processing
Publishing quality videos 480 pixels (limited clarity) free of charge, with the sign "Wii video" Water
Publishing quality videos 720 pixels (high-definition) at a price of US $ 0.99, or 1080p quality videos (high-definition) at a price of US $ 1.99

An additional advantage offered by the application of "We Video" They use Google Drive, as the "Wii Video" to add a sub-folder named H to Google Drive main folder. This sub-folder contains the names of projects and videos "Wii video" that having produced,.

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