Saturday, 22 November 2014

Add-on "Google Chrome" will allow you to delete the whole of your own publications on Facebook at once

There are a lot of users who spend most of their time on social networks such as: "Facebook - Facebook", even while working, some of whom went on to create his account two, or more, or with the beginning of the launch of the social network "Facebook".
We note here that there is a majority of users want to delete the old their publications final, where he provided the "Facebook" so users by reference to the amendment signal or editing next publication, may benefit of this method with the user who wishes to delete the publication of one, two, or nearly ten publications , but they do not work with someone who wants to delete the entire publications its own record once.
Therefore the developers programming in addition to the famous "Chrome" browser of the World for the company "Google", where the addition allows full publications delete the push of a button and a single payment.

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