Wednesday, 29 October 2014

YouTube suggests payment in exchange for surfing YouTube without ads

There is no doubt that a large number of users are feeling the heat because of the large number of ads that have become marked by a Google video service (YouTube) and if we are beginning to get used to it, but that this is still a nuisance to many and is prompting Google to propose a new solution based on pay-per-surf without ads.
It is known that the world's largest sites rely on advertising as a key resource income, but it often does not like users, especially in terms of the imposition of these ads on them, the thing that prompted Google to provide a new economic model that is different from what we are used to it.
The new proposal was unveiled during Recode Mobile effectiveness of which was held yesterday, and participated in the Executive Director's YouTube (Susan Wojcicki) where he referred to this new idea, which requires the introduction of a new version of YouTube and be driven without ads and is what constitutes a shift in Google and policy in its economic model based on free.
It remains to wonder about the feasibility of this new project and whether it will deliver anticipated success or whether it will remain limited.

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