Monday, 27 October 2014

Way of knowing whether your "Jamail" open from elsewhere

Allows Google Inc. in the email "Jamail" service feature makes it most Gmail users, this feature TASK ھa possibility to know the places that have been Vیھa use and open a Gmail which
And to see if what was in the account, "Jamail" open from the last place, all you have to do is the open account in "Jamail," and then I go to the bottom of the list of messages, then click on

Will open a new window containing a range of information about your account activity in various devices.
In this window you Sیdھr
In the "Access Type" box type of access, whether on the Web browser or mobile phone.
In "Locaition IP Address" box is the IP address of who scored it in to your account.
In "Date Times" box the time that you are logged in and the duration of its stay inside the account.

And therefore, if you notice any activity that has nothing to do with you, you must change the password on your account.

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