Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Vaio, now without Sony announces first hybrid tablet for 2015

The Vaio presents the first hybrid model after being sold by Sony and acquired by Lenovo. Dubbed the "Monster" Tablet, the device mixes characteristics of laptop and tablet in a single device. For now, the product is a prototype, but the expectation is that it will be available in May of next year.
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Revealed at a conference of Adobe Systems this week, the device has a 12.3-inch (2560 x 1704) screen, stylus, Intel Haswell quad-core processor and Iris Graphics. His exact dimensions were not disclosed, but the gadget seems to be extremely thin.

The apparatus is a hybrid, that is, as a tablet, and functions as a laptop with detachable keyboard. The great advantage of this type of device to common tablets, which can also be purchased separately keyboards, is the hardware. Typically, tablets are much more basic settings, while hybrids can have better performance.
Initially, the target audience of Monster Tablet are the people who work with images such as photographers, illustrators and other creative professionals. The company aims to reach the Japanese market, where another grid company, Panasonic, dominates the area.
If the "monster" tablet actually leaves the paper, should cost 200,000 yen (about R $ 4,450 in direct conversion). The high value is being considered by the press in general.

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