Tuesday, 28 October 2014

"Twitter" Launches Audio Card feature in conjunction with the "SoundCloud" service

Company "Twitter" intends to allow users to run audio files directly from the timeline pages of their own, or messages, through a new feature designed in partnership with broadcast acoustics "SoundCloud" service.
The feature allows launched "Twitter" Thursday, under the name of "audio card" Audio Card which, for users to listen to different content while surfing the timeline.
For starters, promised "Twitter" progress audios from "SoundCloud" service partners, including, the US space agency "NASA", the newspaper "Washington Post," and channel "CNN", and others.
She said, "Twitter" in its publication Thursday, it is trying to forge partnerships with more content partners in the future.
And a draw to take advantage of the new "audio card" feature, she said, "Twitter": "Many of the musicians and music creators will be able to post audio exclusive and instantaneous with millions of listeners on Twitter."
The new "Twitter" feature in the footsteps of rivals, "Apple" and "Google", which entered the acoustics in the broadcast sector, which is a fast-growing sector in the music market, which is controlled by the "iTunes" store of the "Apple".
Earlier reports spoke in the month of June last for the determination of "Twitter" the acquisition of the company "SoundCloud" which is based in the German capital, Berlin-based, and that the evolution of the service has become known as "YouTube Music".

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