Friday, 17 October 2014

The difference between copying windows and windows windows RT

I may be a little delayed in showing the difference between the two copies of Windows windows and windows RT but in return I find many are still confused between the versions of Windows that it finds in the paintings that supports Windows and the Windows for use with computers, although the versions of Windows that we find in paintings Kmthela microsoft surface or dell ... are similar to those Taatbut on the computer or in terms of poisoning as well as the options offered, but it is completely different in terms of engineering. 
Vensch windows like windows 8 windows 8.1 windows 10 is not the copying windows 8 RT windows 8.1 RT windows 10 RT, as the latter for Atchetgl only on ARM processors recently adopted by most of the manufacturers of the plates. ARM processors are the processors for battery Atsthlk violently Albroosisrat like normal. Which explains that this type of processors allows Bastgal these paintings for very long hours! . However, the ARM processors are the processors can not be used in the design, Games for it in terms of technical capabilities remain weak in contrast, can use these processors in the business office surfing the Internet ... etc.. 
Also, on the one hand and Windows windows RT can not Taatbeth and run large programs such as Photoshop, because this version of Windows Achgl only programs and applications that support Windows windows version of normal for this should not be fooled and buy Panel supports Windows windows 8.1 RT and think you have the Windows concept commoner. 
As Mazkrth that does not mean non-existence of some of the paintings that operate non-ARM processors and use the ordinary version of Windows and can be operated by all of your software. 

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