Friday, 24 October 2014

Site hackerexperience, to learn the methods of piracy and protection Online

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We all heard the phrase, "to learn the language of the people of the security of their plots," but I'm in this digital age and Altekinolga say "learn hacker security protection and cunning hackers" personally was my beginning in the online world is learning hacker and try to experience all methods either in Internet cafes or other, this authorized me today that I Ikdha of all the evils of hackers and now, thank God, did not penetrate the expense of me on the internet or on a computer, so in this post I'll be happy to suggest you hackerexperience a distinctive services to learn hacker and protection directly from the browser only.

History and the beginnings of the project
hackerexperience is a simulation on the Internet to learn the ways and hacker protection directly from the browser, which was launched by Renato Masaru (21 years old) and studying computer science in Sao Paulo. Began the developer of this project and put ideas on paper in 2005, when she was separated a few years of entering the university.

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