Sunday, 5 October 2014

Microsoft surprised Users spying on them through Windows 10 demo which was launched a few days ago

A few days ago Microsoft announced new operating system Windows 10, the new system is still in its version experimental and comes with lots of features and characteristics, as well as surprises, and not least, of course, is to integrate the program Keylogger or monitor keyboard in the beta version of Windows 10.
Since the days became a beta version of Microsoft's new system, and Windows 10 are available for download at the audience of users, and is not too late to do a large number of them, but on the other hand, a lot of these users and even professionals have not indicated any interest in the conditions of use, which highlights clearly that Microsoft incorporated in its program, which Keylogger enabling them to record data and data users of this system.
Site Hacker News was the race to the announcement of this matter after studying the conditions of use of the beta version of the system, and that gives Microsoft the same number of rights, including the registration of all the data, the data used by the user and contained to the system via the keyboard of passwords and the passage of the names and other data or even as well as data received through the voice search feature.
On the other hand justify Microsoft to resort to this technique is the fact that it regards a copy trial and the fact that users are by experienced for this system, which has yet to reach the final version, and therefore the company is in need of all the data for a good understanding of the nature of the use, and therefore propose better solutions in the final version , as experts point out that Microsoft is not the only one that you insert such properties in their programs Alelkturnah.

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