Friday, 24 October 2014

Microsoft Launches Brand Microsoft Lumia substitute for the name Nokia Lumia officially

When we heard for the first time for Microsoft to acquire section Nokia devices and services business, we made sure it did not pass by much until you replace the company name Nokia Lumia Lumia brand, and it was.
Microsoft launched the brand Microsoft Lumia alternative to the name of Nokia Lumia, after many of the changes made ​​by the giant technology at all what it has acquired from the company; preparation for this day.
She Tula Ritila - Vice President of Marketing phones in Maekerosowic- "This is the right moment for us and for the Lumia products. Since the past two months, we have made some changes to that name. We call upon the lovers Lumia communication and follow-up with us under our new brand. "
Everything looks as if it is going well, and soon we will see the first portable device bears the name of Microsoft Lumia, we do not know when, but it is coming. And to be done, I think that there are readers who believe that the issue of erasing the name of Nokia and replaced is absurd, if you are one of the owners of this opinion, do not tell us the reasons for Ttoanwa in the comments.

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