Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Microsoft allows developers to deploy applications, "Kinect" at her shop

Microsoft Corp. today launched the second version of the software SDK to run Windows in a formal system development package, and own device "Kinect" Kinect new, which brought with it more than 200 improved and updated since the launch of the pilot, including version, in addition to a significant change related to the deployment of applications, "Kinect" , where developers can become for the first time publishing applications, especially the "Kinect" on the Windows Store.
And any developer can now deploy applications to your own business "Kinect" and sold to users Maekerosofot Windows, which will allow an increase in the availability of applications and in a wider range, and thus improve the developer revenue.
The sensor works "Kinect" new 1080p, and the "Microsoft" has confirmed that the device is capable of sensing has increased by 60 percent compared to the old version, and has the bug tracking movements of the user and the ability to recognize voice commands. The sensor can control the balance of the players, thanks to three-dimensional scanning device supplied with the techniques, as the machine is made over the users interact with the games vital to read their indicators such as heart rate through scanning technology faces.
The Microsoft today adapter for $ 49.99, which makes your platform Xbox device "Kinect" fully compatible with systems running Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 on computers and computing tablet, the basic interest fired from this particular converter owners of private platform "Kinect" device "Xbox ", so they should not buy the newest version of the device, and independently compatible with Windows.
It is noteworthy that a "Kinect" launched the platform Microsoft "Xbox" Games in 2010, depends on the camera to pick up the user's movement to control the game without the use of the device grip, then Microsoft released a development package for the device on the Windows operating system in order to allow the user to run Windows-based control of during the movement, and now made ​​it possible to deploy applications in a private store device "Kinect", allowing collectors to use the device with the Windows operating system more broadly.

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