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Looking for a job? Linked .. Try these tips Ten Golden

Are you looking for work? Are you looking for partnerships work? Are you looking for an upgrade? I've become a site Linked common ground for professionals around the world and the most important tools for recruiting and search for skills and social networking for business purposes, but he, like other tools, not be effective if not used properly.
It has become a site for LinkedIn social networking professional more than 300 million users around the world, and despite the fact that the site does not support Arabic language yet, but there are millions of users Arabs, as it announced last year that the number of users in Saudi Arabia alone exceeds million users.
According to a report published site in February of this year, 94 percent of specialists in employment using LinkedIn, while not used by only 36 percent of those looking for work in the United States.
Here are ten tips for using LinkedIn to search for work and to highlight your account for the largest number of recruitment firms:
1- continue filling your 100 percent 
The account is not fully reflecting the lack of seriousness to the job seeker, so be sure to have your full 100 percent, to include a picture and a complete list of testimonies and experiences and achievements with links that your grandmother. Make sure that the account reflects the latest information. Cited specific examples and models of your successes, and never have formed associations and professional relationships, according to the trained professional advises Dyna Marie, Self site
2 Put keywords fundamental about yourself in the foreground 
Employers conduct research to find potential employees, and whenever they are important words for Kfaatk in the foreground whenever elevated your search results, according to the stresses Brenda Bernstein, editor site, and author of the book "How to create an account active on LinkedIn and 18 error should be avoided ".
To determine the best keywords advises Bernstein to "revise and review the skills of job offers that you consider yourself eligible. Ask yourself: Which of these skills are the most sought after job offers? Used in the foreground. "
If you are currently employed and looking for another job, there is no need to put information in your account for your job search, according to Bernstein advises. She adds, "just completed your account as if you are successful in your current job and want to expand the areas of professional acquaintance."
As for the style, prefers to talk about yourself conscientiously speaker, so the account is smoother and more intimate.
3 Make sure your image to be professional 
According to the same site LinkedIn, the likelihood of your views by employers to 40 times higher in the case contains your image. But be careful on the photo to be a professional in the work environment, and to avoid self-images (Sylvie) or spontaneous images, which may be published in other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as the site for a professional site LinkedIn, and the picture needs a thousand words.
4 took advantage of the ability to save searches 
LinkedIn allows users to search for jobs for free and save 10 searches for job postings in addition to the three searches for people. Saved and can refer to it on a regular basis, as you can receive e-mail alerts weekly or monthly for jobs that fit your experience.
5. ask recommendations from colleagues and current and former directors 
Try to get the 10 recommendations of the recommendations, at least from colleagues or managers know them well, according to Mary advises, these certificates reflect strong professional relationships. In order to get it, then you are no recommendations to them, this would encourage them to give back.
Complete section
 6 skills and get endorsements 
Fill in the skills section to get endorsements endorsement. According to Bernstein uses a lot of specialists in employment accounts driven to search for skills, and conducting search operations in accordance with the number of ratifications of the skills they are looking for. Contrary to the recommendations provide ratifications requires only clicking on the button next to endorse skills. If you ratify the skills of others, it would encourage them to give back.
7 participated in groups related to your business area 
LinkedIn is a social network in which specialists in different professions to exchange experiences and discuss issues. And reflects the groups participating in the Groups interest in the development of yourself in your field. So advises Mary deployment of useful links and comment on the posts of others and add value your opinions as much as possible, as this shows your eagerness to stay abreast of the issues related to Pt_khassk.
8 point to your personal interests and your activities volunteer 
"Refer to your activities volunteer reflect your side humanitarian, and talk about your hobbies and personal interest, including sports and exotic arts etc. make you distinct and bring you closer personally to the reader," according confirms Joshua Waldman, author of the e-book "How does not look bad at Linked In" How Not to Suck at LinkedIn and the book "The Search for a job through social media" Job Searching With Social Media.
This, and confirms that the revenue Waldman volunteer activities important for recent graduates who have no work experience, they reflect the willingness of the initiative and Okhalaqt professional.
9 Let your visible Odv years and the largest number of people 
Unlike other social networks that address personal side, the professional life should not be a secret, so keep your account visible to all, according to what is advised Waldman.
The relationships on LinkedIn are professional relationships impeccable, so try adding the largest number of co-workers or former study add to your managers and your friends and business partners, it will expand your social network to wider areas.
You can explore who they are on Linked from friends by Import Contacts tool which adds their accounts through the address book in your email.
10 established a link on Linked with your name 
Instead of a link to your account holds figures and characters strange, you can establish a link with your name and you can put it on your resume and business cards, as will become your capable of Search better not only on the site LinkedIn, but through other search engines, according to what confirms Waldman.
This can be done by clicking on the Customize your public profile URL through option Public Profile Settings.
This video explains how to set up an account on the site effectively Linked:

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