Thursday, 23 October 2014

How to protect your computer from dangerous virus for this year Badusb not go undetected by anti-virus to the time limits

If you follow the new security threats in case you heard of the new virus, which terrified the world Badusb a malicious program that can not be detected by any protection program and moves to computers once linked to key usb. The latter who discovered the security holes able to implant malicious software codes transmitted to the computer once the link widget flash device .tama has become the major groups of fraudsters of all countries of the world and sell and export these keys in order to capture the largest number of victims.

As I mentioned at the outset the real problem is that this malicious program can not be detected even if you are a specialist in a malware scan and analysis will not be able to detect it because it is difficult and very difficult, the disaster that this virus is spreading every day in many computers and even more than that, he is attacked Amlhoatf well as smart (Android) constituting a real threat to any user, begs the question of how can we protect ourselves from this malicious program.?

Well as I said, there are no effective way to detect it, but the only way in front of you is the protection, but it must be accepted that the introduction of any key Aesp strange! But if you are forced to deliver it, confront Allaisba known only keys such as (... logitech kingston)

Use Program End point security is key to monitor the actions of all Allaisba if he was trying to sow any code the program will stop it and alert divorce. There are many companies that provide (End point security) such as:

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