Friday, 24 October 2014

Google's service allows "Anbox" to manage e-mail in a new way

Google Inc. unveiled today its new service "Anbox" Inbox, which is a special service management and display e-mail messages "Gmail" Gmail is based on a new importance, but it is available in a special application separate from the "Gmail".
Google said that the idea of a service that had been developed over the years is to provide important information to the user in real time, and display better. According to the company, hundreds of important information is now buried today in the e-mail to the user, such as appointments and messages work and confirmation of reservations, billing and so on, which makes the search for and review or found difficult.
Google reported three major features in the service, the first of which is a compilation of similar messages. Where this feature collects messages automatically ratings, for example, the user can view billing purposes for which it was bought online in one place, as the user can service that teaches about the messages that must be assembled with each other.
The second major feature is to highlight the important information contained within e-mail messages, such as information later plane, and dates of upcoming events or photos and documents that had friends or family sent. The service will also offer useful information that are retrieved from the Web even if it were not contained within the e-mail message, such as a change in the date of the plane or the date of the arrival of a shipment of the product.
Main feature of the third that I talked about Google is the reminder that allows the user to focus on priorities by allowing the addition of reminders of various tasks that the user has to do it, depending on the messages in his e-mail, and the user can select tasks ended or asked to recall again. This feature is available with a number of utilities provided by Google. The company struck an example of a user typing a reminder to connect to a particular shop, then service will "Anbox" provides the user with a phone number and the dates of his store.
Service is still currently in a period all experimental, and is available in accordance with the system calls, where will Google send invitations service experience for a fraction of users, and any user can get the invitation send a number of invitations to his friends, before the launch of the service officially which is not determined by Google yet.

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