Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Google Chairman of: Amazon is the biggest competitor for us in the search!

During an interview with the BBC British, denied the chief executive of Google, "Eric Schmidt" that
Enjoy the company of being the only search engine in the market without real competition, responded to it that people interpret the competition in the Google search incorrectly, in his opinion is not Yahoo or Microsoft's biggest competitor to Google in the search, but it Amazon!
As we all know, the Amazon is one of the largest sites specializing in E-commerce, how is the biggest competitor to Google in the search? Eric Schmidt was the answer to this question is that when the user wants to search for any product it does not go to Google, but to go directly to the Amazon site as search. Schmidt adds that Amazon may seem for all e-shopping site, but its roots in the receipt of applications and research questions and then answered by the results, as Google Search works exactly.
Mr. Schmidt also pointed out during the meeting, also expressed his fear that the larger is the "next Google" which is:
"Someone, somewhere, in one of the garages is preparing us. I know, because since not too long ago we were in the garage. Change comes from where you do not expect. "
Google currently dominates the search market in the world by up to 90 percent, and in order to be more precise, there are some markets where Google started to lose control of the search, such as China, which is controlled by the engine Baidu or Russia, which fall under the domination of engine Yandex.

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