Friday, 24 October 2014

Facebook and Yahoo are cooperating together to maintain the privacy of accounts recycled

Facebook announced today a new standard for e-mail called RRVS, and a new feature that allows a feature timestamps in e-mail messages, in order to determine the ownership of the account in the case was obtained from another user.
The standard RRVS extension for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP, and aims to ensure that the user account that will be sent sensitive information to him is still the king of the original user, and after that some companies have supplied the e-mail service to recycle old addresses and make them available for booking from new by new users .
Facebook said it is cooperating with Yahoo to resolve this problem, and it has proposed a prototype to address this problem, and by promoting the inclusion of the timestamp within e-mail messages, in order to verify the ownership of Yahoo e-mail account from the primary owner.
In the case of changing the account holder since the last confirmation obtained by Facebook, and allows Yahoo to prevent delivery of sensitive messages to the wrong hands, especially those related to accounts linked with other mail account has been obtained by other people.

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