Thursday, 2 October 2014

Explain Download Windows 10 version of the original, as well as information about the hardware requirements to run

  As we published in the Code of IWASSA Mkrosvet company has had to announce its operating system Windows 10, which would change the name of the Windows and Windows 9 to 10 form an element of surprise in the concert yesterday. It also identified the half end of next year as the date for the launch of the final version of Windows 10.

Until that final launch is the latest version of Windows 10, it can be a new experience for fans of operating systems company Mkrosvet find that the beta version of it available free of charge on this link:
preview windows
Whenever you have to do Hoakhttiar version that fit the requirements of the hardware in entry underneath between versions of Windows 1032-bit versions of Windows 1064 Ptohecma will be among the first to download this system.

For it is to the specifications of the devices, which can run Windows 10 will be almost the same hardware specifications that can run the final version of Windows 8. Where it is if you want to experience this new version should be available at least on the following settings:

A frequency of 1 gigahertz processor Hertz and must have at least a dual core i5 will be operating Almtala

Ram 1 GB Hertz in the case if the operating system is 32-bit, because if either 64-bit must be available at least 2 GB RAM (operating Almtala Availability will be on a 4 GHz)

Hard disk with an area of ​​at least 16 GB for 32-bit Systems As for the 64-bit system will be 20 GB (operating Almtala will be 250 GB or more)

Graphics card will be supportive of any graphics card for Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device supportive of definitions WDDM

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