Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Create a site less than a minute using your Facebook page .

Usually Matqom companies create a page for the company and its services on the Facebook site before heading to create a site for the company, thanks to the number of Facebook users in addition to ease of promotion and propagation Fah.walan users can take full advantage of their page on Facebook, create a personal site is compatible with computers, mobile phones and less than a minute one. Where only the user does not need to adjust some settings before publishing the site officially.

This tool can be accessed via the link http://www.otonomic.com, and all he needs is to put the user page link in the space provided and then click on the See Your Website, to bring the tool posts on the page and arranged to appear tidily on the site. The user needs to write contact data and locate the company on the map to the site then becomes ready for publication.
But the user does not need to be updated location data manually, where its contents are updated based on the new posts published on the page.

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