Wednesday, 8 October 2014

9 months and the best sites for collective financing, which you can resort to them to get out your project and your innovation to light

Funding is the cornerstone, which stands as an obstacle in front of young people and innovators to Execution and take out all their projects and Achteraahm than just visualize and ideas to products concrete .obsb difficulty funding came up many inventions and innovations just perceptions in the mind of the owners, but there are those who surrendered and injury despair especially in the Arab world, which does not encourage Balbth these young innovators. But with some persistence and intelligence today can overcome this problem by sites and platforms group finance on the internet or what is known in English as crowdfunding, thanks to these sites million projects, youth and innovations saw the light and become the products sold and check millions of dollars. Even not prolong you accept you 9 months from sites of collective funding, which you can resort to them to get out your project and your innovation to light.

Founded in 2008 and was more focused on movies, but then shift to include the financing of any project and became known in the personal finance campaigns and accept all projects.
# RocketHub 
Initially launched as a location for the financing of works of art, but today has expanded to include science, education, business and social projects. Gained strength, especially in the sciences with SciFund, an initiative on the Internet to finance scientific projects. Also launched a partnership with A & E networks from which to choose some of the projects will be selected for additional support from the joint initiative.
# Kickstarter 
Of the best known sites in the area of ​​collective funding, and personally I have reviewed some Alapetkart of this site in the Code of Professional. Kickstarter focuses more on activities and creative Alapetkrat, including design and the arts (film, publishing and music), games and technology. Kickstarter can not be used to finance companies, which means that he has a strict process.
Peerbackers # 
One of the main sites of collective financing in this industry, Peerbackers, focuses on funding entrepreneurs and innovators. Platform has already received thousands of creative projects, business and civic projects all over the world, and recently expanded to include young entrepreneurs aged between 13 and 17 years through partnerships with student organizations.
# Eureeca 
  Platform where companies can increase funding through the public in exchange for shares in Oamalhm.oha as well as platforms that connects investors to companies and small and medium enterprises across the Internet.
# Grow VC 
One of the first platforms global community dedicated to businessmen and investors, Grow VC enables great ideas to get the vision and identify the right audience in order to get the initial support. Grow VC is more of a financing platform, a system where business can communicate with experts, funders, team members, and new customers and partners to realize their ideas.
# Microventures 
Founded in 2009, the platform gives the opportunity for accredited investors the ability to invest small amounts in emerging companies. It is one of the first organizations of the financial industry that integrates with the collective funding capital industry Alastosmara.kl you had to do is contact them and offer your project and Sikmon conducting the study it, and if what has been approved is your financing of capital angel investors. The platform has more than 40 million dollars so far.

# Angel List 
Another site depends on investors to provide capital for any company need to get financing from venture capitalists. Many emerging companies funded from this site.
# CircleUp 
Serves as a link between the investors and owners of companies to provide added value to finance and give business the opportunity to gain access to these brands and emerging companies.

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