Wednesday, 8 October 2014

6 hidden features that you should know and try it in Facebook Messenger

Facebook chat application, known as Facebook Messenger, despite the fact that many users refuse to use it. But Zuckerberg forced everyone to install it on their phone in case they wanted to communicate with their friends on the Facebook network, is a true step incomprehensible by Mark Zuckerberg, who preferred to separate the application from the chat application Alrisa.aly However, you can avoid this and install it temporarily it had previously dealt to him in the Code of professional via the Multi entitled "The way to skip the mandatory message facebook messenger to chat." But today, gentlemen will speak about the most important and useful features hidden that might make you change your outlook for this application.

1. capture images directly from the chat windo

The fact that a very important feature and useful, and I think it should be integrated as well as in the application of Alwats August. When you want that thing for taking pictures directly from the camera and send it via Alwats August will hide it enforceable chat to take the picture, with Facebook Messenger is very easy and will not hide the conversation, but will be divided into the chat window into two parts, the first part you'll see the conversation in the second you will see the camera through which you can capture the image, either the front or rear camera, and send it by clicking on the icon in the form of a camera.

2. contact instead of chatting or sending voice messages

Features of this application as well as many do not realize that their presence is the direct contact with the person you're chatting with him, through the phone icon that you will see in the upper part of the chat window. Moreover, as in the Alwats August is also possible to send voice messages by clicking on the icon prolonged which is shaped like a microphone.

3 search for images on the Internet and share them directly from the chat window

Another feature interesting in this application is that we will not be forced to get out of it if we want to send a picture from the Internet. I mean, while you are chatting with your friend you can search for any image through direct access to the search engine bing and sent him without bothering to get out of the application and open the browser. To do so, open the drop-down menu (top right or use the Settings button on your smart phone) and then select the image search.

Another feature that should be similar to its predecessor Tndhav a possibility browse the map while you are chatting, and of course, you can send our current. Within the same drop-down menu select the map view.

4. create shortcuts

If you are usually chatting with the same person every day, it may be recommended that you create a shortcut on the main interface for your phone so you can send messages to him in seconds without the need to open the application. To create a shortcut you just have to open the drop-down menu (top right or use the Settings button on your smartphone) and select Create Shortcut.

5. install groups with pushpins

Another type of shortcut, but this time for groups. This feature allows you to install and maintain any group important to you to facilitate access to it without the need for research and loss of time. To do so enough to click on the tab for groups (represented by the symbol or icon of three people) at the top of the application window, then you click on the icon "Pin" button on the bottom left of the window and choose the group you want to install.

6. Big Like

When we have a chat window open we will see different icons with different functions: the writing, and take a picture, send a picture, and symbols, Almicrawfon..lkn thing daemon, which may not have learned is when you click on the icon "Lake" once you will be sent a small, but if what have continued clicking on it you'll see how continuously increasing its size :).

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