Thursday, 2 October 2014

3 of the most powerful and best messaging services protected and encrypted data that hide users

3 of the most powerful and best messaging services protected and encrypted data that hide users

No one disagrees that the most important aspects of life, technological and even the most common messaging services, e-mail and instant messaging programs, and the most important of these services and the most prevalent find Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook course, all the companies responsible for these services recorded a track breaches that relate to the issue of user privacy as they are pressing them often by government agencies for the delivery of international data users .... of course this is a long story and Observers of events in recent years will realize it is Gage, but all you need to learn that these companies violate your privacy in other words, allow for certain destinations spying you ...

And of course became a fan of a lot of privacy, hackers and others are using other services puts the user's privacy as a fundamental criterion to do so through the methods and techniques developed to help ensure user privacy. In this post you will learn about the most important of these services encrypted and protected.

These days everyone has become aware of the Tor network, which not very high levels of protection in light of the Internet, who was an observer in toto as the NSA itself admitted its failure to stop this network.
TorChat messaging service is a peer to peer site based on Tor hidden service in a professional tool for talks are not tracked or spy on them.


E-mail service advanced and the best services in this area, what distinguishes the service it keeps your messages and your data away from prying and even NSA (depending on the location service) as by turning your phone into a server small mail by creating an SSL connection is encrypted directly from the sender to the receiver, so it is beyond the host and external cloud services. And is available for Android and iPhone devices and can also be used from Windows.


Service famous aims to compete with IM services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp but unlike these services provide a high degree of protection and safety for the user, which encourages me to advise you to use is enough to tell you it's used to encrypt end-to-end (encryption, which convinces me and I respect him ), where he does not leave any traces Hatta Serfrat in the same company
Telegram is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web, OS X, Windows Linux.

Of course there are other services remains very strong, but mostly not free.

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