Saturday, 18 October 2014

3 of the best additions to try new tab in Google Chrome Browser

The Google Chrome browsers famous scale very broad as constituted its users the majority of the pioneers of the Internet, offering the latter the many advantages and features beautiful despite the problems suffered by, among them that the window classic offered by the company Google boring and do not possess the characteristics of a good addition to convulsions the resulting when downloading data, and fortunately, there are add-ons to change and decorate the window new tab or the new tab where we dealt with in more than a topic for some and the most smoothness and elegance, in a post today we will add to our list of previous additions which we will discuss it today as it is characterized by smooth and flexibility at work add to the attractiveness of its design.

# Dream Afar

Additions that focus on visual appeal and entertain the user through a set of characteristics, such as providing weather and time and change the background automatically, and provides you to search Google via tape in the picture, in addition to the possibility to download the background image that Like and most visited sites and a lot of features which no doubt you'll love it and where you can amendment to these properties as you want via the icon on the top right background characteristics, and the thing that can be considered as the best thing in the addendum is that it is one of the fastest additions windows on Google Chrome.

# Spots

One of the best additions interactive at all in addition to providing research on the net and sites that I have visited or create a shortcut to your favorite sites, and your activities recent and time and the weather you can also link your accounts on social networking sites (Facebook, Google Plus) and reach another notices, and not only that, but the most fun thing in addition is the ability to connect them with the phone and reached notices calls and messages and send your favorite sites to your phone and vice versa as you can amendment and change what has been mentioned by settings at the top left of the new window, and remains a good thing as well is the possibility logged in her from any computer Last by logging in to your account by about Craig Facebook or Google Chrome to find all the sites and your adjustments.

# Lightning Speed Dial

If you're accustomed to the window of Google Chrome old here's this addendum, which emulated the design almost but smoother and beauty and is also one of the fastest Extras tab pages of the new, as it provides other properties very enjoyable as the background attractive and access to sites that I have visited continually adding to the possibility of adding what want of favorite sites and access to all your applications as well as the ability to search in the net and generally they are characterized by simplicity and speed and smoothness in the work.

Finally, the multiplicity of additions customization and modification Google's Chrome makes him the best browsers at all in spite of the problems experienced by the user during work, as it lends the character of this multiplicity satisfaction users have different tastes and desires.

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