Thursday, 25 September 2014

"Samsung" plans to unveil its new smart-hour feature provides electronic payment

According to a news report that the new company "Samsung" plans to unveil its new smart-hour feature provides electronic payment, in collaboration with a financial transaction services months.
The newspaper quoted "Business Korea," Business Korea that "Samsung" will be held partnership with the company "PayPal" to include the feature in her hour electronic payment smart new plans unveiled during the Mobile World Conference MWC 2015 in the month of March / March next year.
It seems that my company, "Paypal" and "Samsung" seek to compete in the contest other electronic payment service via mobile "Apple Bay" Apple Pay revealed by the "Apple" earlier this month.
It is expected that the use of smart time of the upcoming "Samsung" technique to identify a fingerprint, a new shift from the company to earn consumers who are looking for security in the conduct of electronic financial transactions.
The "Samsung" has launched yet many of the smart watch that is running its "Theisen" or platform "Android ware" which is a modified version of the hardware and customized wearable of the operating system "Android".

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