Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Quick access to key legal 6 months free for stronger protection program in the world 2015 Bitdefender Internet security

Personally considered the most powerful protection program Bitdefender protection program in the world for this year par excellence, and this is confirmed by the larger sites and companies competent in classifying and comparing protection programs, as Bitdefender sat on the throne of this year's strongest protection program.
Of course, the advantages of this program are too many and can not be explained all in this post.
Has already dealt to view the company has done through its portal German to take advantage of genuine key for 9 months of legal but the offer has ended, so we go back again to snap up a new offer from the company, a key legal and pray for a period of 6 months in which you can benefit from the services of this program is the most fantastic.
The new version in 2015, Bitdefender Internet security program
* Quick Vulnerability Scanner: detect security gaps that may exist in the operating system or programs
* USB Immunizer: protect your computer from Allaisba keys that may exist by malicious software
* Remote Management: You can fix any computer available, a copy of Bitdefender remotely, from any computer
* Rescue Mode: protect you from malicious programs that can be developed and that are hiding more of Professional also be deleted may not be possible through Windows directly, where the technique by Risekeo Maude can boot the hard drive without the need to do Windows and examined these programs have been deleted.
* Protect you when buying online and prevent hackers from spying on your data bank.
* Protect you from viruses that spread in social networking sites like Facebook
* Protect you while you surf sites
* Bitdefender Photon: improves the speed and performance of the system
* AutoPilot: option is best suited for all beginners who do not want to modify any Aaadadatelkh ...

To take advantage of the offer you must follow the following steps:

Log in to the official page for display (bottom entry)
Enter your email
Retype the CAPTCHA Code

After that activation keys will be sent to your e-mail so your checks from your (may brings the message at the Pavilion spam spam so be sure of it too)

Now all you need is to install the program (you can download the English version link directly bottom entry) and then you enter the activation code and congratulations to you in the strongest protection program for a period of 6 months for free.

Page Display 
Download the English version of the program: Bitdefender Internet security
I do not know when the show ends so quick to take advantage of it.
From above him do an experiment program tells us his opinion about it in the space for messages.

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