Monday, 22 September 2014

"Microsoft" buy the developer of the game Mincraft

Announced the "Microsoft" on Monday that it agreed to the acquisition of the Swedish company to develop games "Mujang" Mojang and played the famous "Mainkravc" Minecraft compared to 2.5 billion dollars.
And allow the game of "Mainkravc", which sold them the company "Mujang" So far more than 54 million copies, players build structures Bechtel style game "Lego" Lego, as well as fight battles with others.
Some analysts expect that the acquisition of "Microsoft" on "Mujang", and announced by the President of the platform, "XBOX" affiliate "Microsoft", Phil Spencer, come in pursuit of the latter to attract more users to the smartphone operating running its "Windows iPhone ", in addition to the gaming platform" Xbox ".
The game "Mainkravc" a more applications-selling system "iOS" from "Apple" and the system "Android" from "Google", as they finally arrived to the gaming platform "Xbox Wen" and "PlayStation 4".
The company "Mujang", which was founded in 2009 by Markus Persson, has surpassed last year's profit of 100 million dollars, which has about 40 employees.
Under the acquisition, said, "Microsoft's" The Working Group has "Mujang", with the exception of the founders of the three who will leave the company, will join the studio games of her, which is responsible for developing a number of games, such as "Halo" Halo, and "Forza" Forza, and "Fabel" Fable.
For his part, Executive Director for "Microsoft", Sathya Nadela "The Mainkravc more than just a game franchise great, they are paid by the platform open world Mjmta vibrant, community care deeply about him, which is rich in new opportunities for Microsoft and its community."
And the reason behind the acquisition, which is expected to close later this year, he noted Nadela that the games more what the users are doing on the devices, starting from personal computers and gaming consoles to tablets and mobile devices, with billions of hours spent by Players annually.
With regard to the availability of the game "Mainkravc" on other platforms, confirmed the "Microsoft" that the game will still be available on all platforms that are available currently, a personal computer, and a regular "Android" and "iOS", and platforms "Xbox" and "Playboy PlayStation. "
It is noteworthy that this acquisition comes a year after the acquisition, "Microsoft" on the mobile sector with the company "Nokia" compared to 7.5 billion dollars.
The company "Amazon" acquired last month on the service, "Toich" Twitch that allows users to watch audio recordings of games played by others, compared to 970 million dollars.


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