Monday, 22 September 2014

Logitech Announces G910 Orion Spark, gamer keyboard with dock for mobile

Logitech introduces the newest mechanical keyboard, called Orion G910 Spark, which lets you use your smartphone as a helper during a game screen. The peripheral also features customizable lights. The model is also accompanied by a compatible app for Android and iOS. The software shows data during a
match game or even information of computer performance.

Logitech keyboard allows connection with three gadgets simultaneously.

With a support on the equipment to position the phone, users can now leave the phone on, without the need to pick up the device when you want to use it. Logitech also released an SDK for developers to create integration of its software with the application. One of the companies would be interested Valve, Steam responsible for the online store.

The keyboard has a system of internal switches that are more efficient than those found in other keyboards. According to the company, they are able to record pressed up to 25% faster, which means a better response time keys.
Another feature is the peripheral durability. The company reported that each key can withstand up to 70 million clicks, a number 40% higher than other existing models.
Like many newer keyboards aimed at gamers, the G910 also comes with lighting. The difference in the model is that it allows you to adjust the light of each individual key, with a total of over 16 million colors available. Besides the basic keys, the keyboard offers nine extra options that can be programmed as the user wants, for a total of three different profiles.
The Orion Spark should be available for sale from November in the United States and Europe, with estimated price of $ 180 (about £ 427, in direct conversion). There is no provision for the attachment arrives in Brazil yet.

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