Wednesday, 24 September 2014

How to identify the number of Likes on your page on a daily basis on the "Facebook"

Allows the social network Facebook page owners to the possibility of knowing the number of Likes that link to a page a day, so that they can study the amount of interaction with their pages and see the quality of the advertising campaigns that they do.
To follow up on the number of Likes that link to a specific Facebook page, the person must be a director on the page, and then access the desired page can click on the option Insights in the list of the top of the page.

After that the user click on the option Likes in the list within the page, to show him after several statistics, including Fund Net Likes, which appears on a daily basis the number of Likes, which came to a page when you pass the mouse pointer, in addition to the number of Likes, which was canceled in red.

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