Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Google begins to give up its social networking Google Plus!

When Google launched its social networking (Google Plus) in the year 2011 was the goal is to compete with all of my Facebook and Twitter, but it seems that the project to be the leading social networking sites and search engines failed, and for this it is clear that Google began take a distance from Google Plus.
And may Google announced that it ended with a mandatory registration on its social networking Google Plus for users new and who open a new account in Google, and it is what I mean that the site is no longer associated with the rest of Google services as in the past, the thing that sees the observers abandonment of the company for its social networking and which have long tried to support him in the face of all of Facebook and Twitter.
And it is well known that the change in policy, Google trend its social networking has started some time ago with the resignation of a number of officials at Google and in charge of this file, especially with the resignation (Vic Gundotra) one of the founders of the site, but in July the past has Google announced the cancellation of compulsory use of names real in its social networking in a move aimed at strengthening the site Google Plus in the face of the rest of the other social networking sites that rely on this strategy.
And Observers believe that Google is trying to take away from Google Plus or perhaps abandoned, especially as it did not succeed in the fierce competition with Facebook and Twitter, and others.

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