Monday, 29 September 2014

A meeting between Samsung and Microsoft to resolve differences

Months ago, showed signs of a new battle between Samsung and Microsoft against the backdrop of the recent filed a lawsuit in New York against the Korean company because of the violation of the contract between the two companies in 2011, which stipulates that Samsung pay Microsoft for sums of money in return for some Brouat invention in the Android system.
Samsung stopped payments agreement under the pretext of buying Microsoft to Nokia thus became the non-binding agreement, angering officials at Microsoft and forced them to eliminate the trend to compel Samsung to pay and settle the dispute.
After all this comes the news today from the Korea Times newspaper, which said in a new report that the Vice President of Samsung has extended an olive branch to the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation Satya Nadela in an attempt to bring peace between the two companies to resolve differences
The report added that the high-level meetings had already been made between the parties in terms of which Samsung confirmed that the Microsoft operating system and Windows Mobile of the most prominent allies as well as benefit from the expertise of Microsoft's cloud services and security.
In any case, it seems that the crisis in the way of a solution where the two companies also will collaborate to create a data center in South Korea.

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