Monday, 18 August 2014


YouTube Creator Studio manages content and interactions of profiles on YouTube.

YouTube Creator Studio is an application for Android which leads to the mobile screen all important information to manage their YouTube channels. Just like the desktop version of the service, the app allows you to check the popularity of videos uploaded on the channel and engage with fans, among other features. 

All comments of the videos come directly into the app, where you can reply or delete messages left on YouTube. All the user is warned by a central notifications sent via push to Android - they can be turned off at any time in the Settings app. 

YouTube Creator Studio also lets you check detailed reports about your channel's viewership data. There are performance charts, video and a video overview with total views, comments and tanned. You can see the evolution of the numbers in weeks, months, or years total. 

The user can also check the popularity of the channel by time watched video. There count total minutes viewed, also organizing in four ways. By default, these statistics collect and display data from the last 28 days of the channel activity. 

Another interesting feature of the YouTube Creator Studio is the ability to edit videos directly by information from mobile. Just select a file in the app home screen to access the list of details such as title, description, link and privacy (private, unlisted or public). 

Where necessary, you can also change channels run through the side menu - just click the arrow next to the name and change profile. Thus, it is simpler to manage multiple channels themselves or even customers. 

Free YouTube Download Studio Creator for your Android right now and take full control over the interactions and statistics of their videos on YouTube!

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