Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Windows: the most used operating system in the world

Windows is now a conglomerate of versions of operating systems ever launched by Microsoft, responsible for managing and executing processes in personal and business computers worldwide.

With the start of development in 1981 by Microsoft, led by the young Bill Gates and Paul Allen, this operating system has been shown in primary version with a two-dimensional graphical interface for MS-DOS; being responsible, along with the Mac, for mediating and facilitating the use of personal computers by users not specialized in the computing segment, which had numerous advantages with this new way of using a PC.

While delivering useful features to them, Windows also offered features for entertainment like games and media players, which have gained space every year, and new technologies, becoming increasingly a central work linked to another profile entertainment.

Created in C, and portions in C and Assembly ++, older Windows users will remember the time when this OS was sold on floppy disks, and there is a long process and sequencing them to install the OS on a machine completely. With the Windows updates, enabling forms were emerging - such as using a single disk "bootable" to boot, formatting and installation - programs that it precluded the installation of drivers from floppy disks or CDs, searching online, and today in day use interface that dialogues with touchscreen displays, like the Windows 8 and 8.1.

With versions that relied on good market acceptance, such as Windows XP, and others that were not so well received, such as the Vista, Windows quickly became the core of many computer users, ranging from people interested only in check emails and online information to developers, scientists, writers and others. Allied to this, Microsoft also implemented a number of new products such as the Microsoft Office suite of office, further strengthening itself in the technology segment.

Even with many other operating systems on the market, such as Mac OS X and various distributions for Linux, Windows is still the most used system in the world, both for home users and enterprises and servers. Download Windows TechTudo in right now!

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