Saturday, 9 August 2014

Viruses that 'change color of Facebook' strikes again and makes 10 000 victims.

One of the oldest hoaxes Facebook is back. The Cheetah China Mobile has detected a new malware that spreads the old trick of promising to change the colors of the social network and has already affected more than ten thousand accounts, infecting users in various countries around the world. In English, the site / app the coup remains in the air. Avoid clicking on applications that promise this "miracle."

How to change the color of your Facebook without catching viruses.

The malware appears as a sponsored link which discloses an application that lets you change the colors of the profile but when you click it, the user is taken to a phishing site. This site takes users who believe they are visiting the URL "" and redirects them to a malicious phishing site automatically.
You can get viruses on Facebook?

This site attempts to infect the user in two ways: first, he asks to be seen a video with a tutorial on how to change the color of Facebook. This gives temporary access to the credentials of user access, which allows hackers to connect to your contacts.

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If the user chooses not to see the video, the site tries to make it downloads a malicious application. In desktops, it redirects to one player porn videos. Already on Android, it shows an alert saying that the device has been infected by a virus and suggests downloading a virus.

This type of scam is common on Facebook, having appeared several times in recent years. According to Cheetah Mobile, it is possible due to a vulnerability in the Facebook application page that enables the deployment of viruses and malicious code within applications on the social network.
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People who are infected can solve the problem by uninstalling the application immediately and change your password. The company also recommends that users disable the platform completely (disable Facebook temporarily) to avoid future problems, but it can affect those who use Facebook to connect to third-party sites.

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