Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Use your Android to the computer integrated with My Phone Explorer

My Phone Explorer is a joint program between PC and Android phone, which allows to synchronize your phone contacts with those listed in programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Sea Monkey, Windows Contacts and other securities with similar functions.

It also allows setting up your calendar and notes in these applications, manage SMS and can be created and sent from your PC - can file for backup or delete them. You can also view your call log (likewise can archive or delete it) and execute and synchronize files between your PC and Android.

In addition, the user can send files of documents, music, movies and what you desire most. Plus, the service offers the ability to restore backups to your device, and also manage installed applications.

Not only that, if you're tired of typing on the small screen of your Android, you can use the keyboard of your PC to include data in their contact lists, making SMS and where you need to write more on your Android. Detail: My Phone Explorer allows you to manage your phone calls from your PC, and can meet them, turn them, rejecting them, dial numbers and more!

The connections between Android and My Phone Explorer should be established through the app on your smartphone and installation of the executable file on your PC, run by compatible with the Windows operating environment version, or through emulation via WINE on Linux. The links are given from USB, Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

If you would like to use and customize your Android from your personal computer, this is your chance. Make Free download of My Phone Explorer!

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