Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Use Windows WinToFlash to take wherever you go.

The WinToFlash is a program designed to transfer the files from the installation of the Windows platform for mobile devices via USB. This software is easy to use and extremely useful to keep your version of the operating system by placing it into a Pen Drive.

In addition, it allows you to install and update new versions of Windows on devices that do not have a CD or DVD, such as netbooks and ultrabooks.

Practical and objective, this application is recommended for those who want to better keep their copies of the system. Or, easier extraction or emulation of an ISO file from the operating system.

how to use

Once you have done downloading, just extract it to a folder and start it now. For the tool to work, you need to have a copy of the CD, DVD or ISO file, a device with enough to receive these data and with USB memory.

However, it is important to emphasize that the entire contents of the flash drive will be erased. Once you use it, it is formatted and all stored files are deleted. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a USB stick that does not have important data.

All commands proceed through a series of steps. These may be written in Portuguese, if the language chosen by the user in the "language" option at the bottom right of the service.

Featuring support for various versions of Windows, the wizard will guide the program until the application for confirmation of the license agreement copy. And then formats the entire contents of your thumb drive.

After that, the process of transferring the contents of the copy of the operating system installation to your device starts. Thus, a progress bar will be shown and so take a few minutes. Please download WinToFlash to transfer files to mobile devices by USB!

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