Sunday, 3 August 2014

Twitter walk in the footsteps of Facebook, Google and disclose the number of males in the total employees

Following and walk on the same pace articulated Twitter about sex and ethnic workers, after earlier in the Ka from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn who Avsaho turn for Statistics for workers to have., And came following Statistics after it became many experts wonder whether the following companies World renown adopt a policy of mixing and integration among its employees.
And highlighted the figures stated by the giant company Twitter that 70 per cent of users have are males, which means that the representation of women remains only 30 per cent. According to the same statistics, the proportion of white workers as they are called up to 59 per cent and 29 per cent of Asians and the rest belong to the small percentage remaining Allatnean.
And came this announcement depending on the disclosures made ​​by companies other world and that its figures were somewhat shocking as well as the more highlighted by the figures is the lack of balance and variation in total users following companies despite its universality.
In what Ali Statistics for companies mentioned:






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