Sunday, 3 August 2014

The U.S. space agency plans to send a robot to explore Mars

Plans to the U.S. space agency NASA to send new robot to Mars in 2020, will be equipped with seven scientific instruments allow studies unprecedented on the surface of the red planet, scientists suspected that he was featuring in the forms of life in a bygone past.
The value of these setups seven 158 million dollars, was chosen from among 58 submitted a proposal last January, researchers and engineers from different parts of the world, according to NASA announced Thursday.
Similar mission scheduled in 2020, the mission currently underway across Android Koraossite which landed on Mars in August of 2012, he continues to Sabrah the surface of the red planet and conduct studies and analysis of the rocks since then.
But the new robot will be more sophisticated, and will be equipped with iPods allow him to conduct the analysis of geological and specifically cutter for the first time whether he actually saw Mars and the existence of forms of life on its surface. This will be done by devices monitor organic materials.
The scientists will choose supervisors that task a group of rocks to be studied, including the rocks retained the robot to move it to the ground in subsequent missions.
Said John Gransfield one responsible for the scientific missions of the U.S. space agency said that "a robot that will be sent to Mars in the year 2020 will be equipped with iPods advanced degrees, including devices was designed fruit of international cooperation, and would fathom the depths of the last mysterious red planet through studying geology" .
"It will allow us to expand the horizons of this task our search for life in the universe, and the development of new capabilities in detection techniques."
Among the benefits of this mission also said it will expand the knowledge scientists have about the possibility of the generation of oxygen from carbon dioxide for the benefit of the pioneers in the manned missions planned in the future.
As well as deepen scientists in understanding the risks that may be posed by the dust on the surface of Mars astronauts who will come down on it.
Said William Garishtnmayr responsible for tasks unmanned NASA "Contains Mars on the essential elements that can be invested to provide a suitable environment for life, something that could help reduce the amount of materials necessary for life too transported with gear manned to the surface of Mars."
And scientific instruments developed to be sent with the robot in the year 2020 camera collaborated on the manufacture of the United States and France, and will be able to analyze the chemical composition of rocks remote monitoring of effects that may indicate the presence of life in the past on this planet barren now.
The total expenses of $ 1.9 billion mission is scheduled to launch in July of 2020 that Android falls on the surface of Mars in February of 2021.
The task after task Android Koraossite currently located on the surface of Mars, which concluded that it contains the red planet in the past on the water, and found an old Hungarian table watery area and thought it was easy rich lakes.

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